Our ADI Team

ADI exists because of the vision, dedication, and passion of our team members. Each individual has their own unique story and contributes to our collective success. Read on if you’re curious to learn more about our member’s backgrounds, expertise, and what inspires them.
Ready for an in-depth exploration of ADI’s story?

Team Members

Aden Acklin


Aden, our captain and leader, is full of many talents and represents an impressive background. He began his journey in the world of aquatics in 1996 at Patio Pools and Spas and spent a whopping five years perfecting the art of selling pool-related items and mastering water chemistry. At the end of his time there, nobody could say he was wet behind the ears.

Dave Acklin


ADI owes its existence and success to the vision of Dave Acklin, our resident aqua-magician. Back in 1980, Dave decided to dive headfirst into the watery world of aquatics and design. Little did he know that he’d wear multiple hats over the years.

Terry Johansen

Project Manager PRLA

Terry is our academic extraordinaire and has stacked up more degrees than a deck of playing cards at a poker table! Starting his aquatic career in 2018, he’s not just a pool pro but a certified AutoCAD MEP instructor at a local community college. 

Rick Booth

Specifications, Scheduling, Submittal Review

Rick, formally the man of deep sea adventures, spent 17 years as a Sonar Technician in the U.S. Navy. In 1993, he decided to make a career pivot into the world of aquatics, leaving nuclear deterrence behind for the glory of Valhalla that follows all Pool Vikings. He joined Patio Pools and Spas and we suspect he may have tried to turn the kiddie pools into mini-submarines (unconfirmed).

Thomas Fisher

Operations Manager

Tom has spent most of his life in Arizona, and earned his B.A. in Humanities from Northern Arizona University and an M.S. in Planning from the University of Arizona.

Tammy McKay

AR/AP Administrative Liaison

Tammy is our financial wizard who decided to leave the banking industry to join all things in the aquatics world. She made a huge splash while working for Patio Pools in Spas in 1998 before jumping ship to ADI in 2008.

Steven Leon Guerrero

Project Manager

Steven has been invested in the aquatics industry for over two decades and has worked at more pool places than a lifeguard with a caffeine addiction. After his time with ArchPac Aquatics, Inc. and Mission Pools, he decided to join ADI in 2022.

Gaea Bear

AutoCAD MEP & Revit Drafter

Gaea, our CAD Queen, earned her crown at Pima Community College with an AS in Computer Aided Design and a Certificate as a Computer Aided Drafting Technician. After spending five years as the office manager for a pool service and renovation company, she joined the ADI team in 2022.

Taylor Oliver

AutoCAD MEP Drafter

The youngest member of our team, Taylor, began his ADI journey as a part-time wonder, quickly proving he can design three-dimensional mechanical filtration and sanitation systems during a lunch break and still ace his college classes.

Siobhan Salomon

AutoCAD MEP & Revit Drafter

Our hometown hero from Tucson, Siobhan is no stranger to the design world. Originally studying Interior Design, she realized it sparked a passion for drafting.

Matthew Marsh

AutoCAD MEP & Revit Drafter

Matthew holds two degrees from Pima Community College – an AS in Computer Aided Design and an AA in Liberal Arts. Before joining ADI in 2023, Matthew served as a tutor at a local community college, helping students learn CAD (while they’ll miss their favorite tutor, we’re pretty excited to have him).

Brandon Stokes

Marketing & Digital Media Manager

From the land of politicians and perpetual traffic jams in Washington DC, Brandon decided the real action was in Tucson!
He’s earned himself an Associates Degree in Video Production at the Art Institute of Washington. Sometimes we like to imagine his graduation ceremony had multiple camera angles and those neat pixelated transitions!

Brad Morgan

AutoCAD MEP Drafter

A former US Army veteran, Brad decided to trade in his camouflage gear for aquatic design in 2008 when he began working at Patio Pools and Spas. In 2015, he joined the ADI team and brought his army precision to every project he’s touched.

Mark Owens

Chief Technical Officer

As our newest Chief Technical Officer, Mark is our Odin. Our deity overseer of Pool Valhalla if you will. Mark Owens joins the ADI team with industry experience that began in 1982 and has extensive training and experience in service, repair, and construction involving nearly every mechanical filtration and sanitation system manufacturer in the industry.

Travis Wheeler

Chief Strategy Officer

Meet Travis Wheeler, our new Chief Strategy Officer at Aqua Design International. With a career that’s been more fluid than water itself, Travis has navigated the corporate strategy world in similar positions over the last 25 years including Deloitte Consulting, Eskel Porter Consulting, and First American Financial as the VP of Strategic Initiative for the Fortune 500 company.

Jacob Mayer

CAD Designer, EIT

Jacob is one of our insanely talented young CAD specialists who works on complex projects both big and small, and he’s a fantastic team player. Growing up in Tucson, he graduated from the University of Arizona in 2019 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.