Case study

Del Webb Mirehaven, Albuquerque

ADI successfully met the unique challenge of Deb Webb by designing a pool tailored to the specific needs of an active retirement community, featuring shallow water areas, a lap swimming section, a beach entry with foam nozzles, water volleyball, a dedicated space for water aerobic classes, and a large therapy spa – all contributing to the community’s vibrant and inclusive environment.

The Challenge

Del Webb, a prominent developer specializing in active retirement communities, approached ADI with a unique challenge. They sought to design a pool that would cater to the specific needs and desires of the residents in an active retirement community. To address this, ADI engaged with Webb’s development team to explore opportunities and create a pool design to enhance the community’s recreational offerings.


Aden Acklin


Dave Acklin


ADI’s Solution

ADI embarked on a creative design process that involved multiple iterations to ensure the final pool design would meet the active lifestyle of the retirement community. The primary focus of the design was to consider how the pool would be used by the community members.

It was determined that the pool should incorporate:

  • Shallow Water: Understanding that the residents would appreciate shallow water areas, the design included sections with varying water depths, allowing for a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Lap Swimming Section: To cater to the fitness needs, a designated lap swimming section was included, encouraging residents to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Beach Entry Area with Foam Nozzles: A beach entry area with foam nozzles provided a gentle and inviting entry into the pool, allowing for a comfortable and accessible atmosphere.
  • Water Volleyball: Water volleyball, a popular activity in many active retirement communities, was integrated into the design, promoting social interaction and physical activity.
  • Water Aerobic Classes Area: Recognizing the importance of water aerobic classes for the residents, a dedicated space was included for these activities, ensuring that the pool would support a range of fitness and recreational needs.
  • Large Therapy Spa: The design also featured a spacious therapy spa equipped with multiple jets, offering a relaxing and therapeutic environment for the residents.


The pool design addressed the specific requirements of the active retirement community, becoming a key selling point for Del Webb’s +55 master-planned community. Importantly, the pool and spa were fully ADA compliant, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all residents.

The aquatic component of this project played a crucial role in Del Webb’s marketing efforts, making the retirement community more attractive to potential homebuyers. The thoughtfully designed pool and its features not only met the needs and desires of the community but also reflected Del Webb’s commitment to creating vibrant and inclusive environments.

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