Our superpower

Aquatic Design Expertise

From designs, colors, and materials to a fully functional space, we bring knowledge and experience to every project. Our passion lies in crafting immersive and distinctive environments that continue to redefine the aquatics world. With a strong commitment to excellence, our team specializes in conceptualizing, innovating, and transforming spaces to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Areas of Expertise

Resorts & Hotels

While envisioning an inviting area is our top priority, we understand the importance of design when it comes to the specifics of the resort. We know each client may have unique preferences, and we tailor our designs to meet those standards. Whether the space is built for family-oriented guests or pure relaxation and seclusion, we ensure our designs exceed expectations for all types of clientele.

Municipal & Competition Pools

Committing to excellence starts with adhering to competition standards and prioritizing functionality and safety. We know the importance of providing a facility that meets the rigorous requirements of competitive events while remaining efficient and accessible for users.

Master Planned Communities

At ADI, we believe in creating people-centric spaces that are rooted in the enjoyment of residents and the local neighborhood. We craft environments that become focal points for relaxation, recreation, and social interaction. Together, we foster a sense of community.

Multi-Family Developments

Our team will focus on optimizing the available space so community residents can be proud of their newest aquatic focal point. We’re committed to creating an environment that people can proudly call their own – a place where all can come together to connect and enjoy the outdoors.

Ready to Get Started?

We love tackling new challenges and developing solutions to suit our clients. With the help of our aquatic-savvy design professionals, we’d love to take your project to new heights.