Case study

MC Companies

ADI partnered with MC Companies to address water quality and maintenance challenges. Our recommendations resulted in a multi-project partnership, as we enhanced water quality and positioned the properties as more attractive and efficient developments.

The Challenge

MC Companies, a prominent property developer, faced a challenge across multiple planned residential projects. Their existing properties were experiencing issues with water quality and maintenance problems in their aquatic facilities. MC Companies recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to improve the design, operation, and maintenance of their aquatic facilities. To address this challenge, they engaged Aqua Design International (ADI) to conduct a thorough analysis of their existing properties and provide recommendations for enhancements.


Aden Acklin


Dave Acklin


ADI’s Solution

ADI worked to understand the issues at hand and recommend effective solutions. This involved visiting existing properties to gain insights into the design and operation of the aquatic facilities.

ADI proposed a range of improvements that would enhance water quality and streamline maintenance efforts. Some of the key solutions included:

  • Chemistry Controllers with Internet Connectivity: ADI recommended the implementation of chemistry controllers with internet connectivity. This technology allowed MC Companies to monitor and control chemical levels in the pools from a central office. 
  • Upgraded Equipment: ADI suggested the use of better-quality commercial-grade pumps, filters, and heaters. These upgrades improved the efficiency and reliability of the equipment, reducing maintenance issues and ensuring consistent performance.


The collaborative efforts between MC Companies and ADI produced remarkable results. MC Companies committed to a multi-project partnership with ADI, leading to a productive relationship that has spanned across six major apartment projects. Each project received professional consulting tailored to its unique needs and objectives.

The transformation of MC Companies’ aquatic facilities addressed their initial challenges while positioning their properties as more attractive and efficient developments.

Project Testimonial

“We always enjoy working with David and his outstanding team.”
John Krauss, MC Companies

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