Our Expertise

Multi-Family Developments

Efficient and amenity-rich pools for multi-family use to promote a vibrant community lifestyle.

Creating Residential Solutions

Our team will focus on optimizing the available space so community residents can be proud of their newest aquatic focal point. We’re committed to creating an environment that people can proudly call their own – a place where all can come together to connect and enjoy the outdoors.

Generating a Sense of Belonging

We love boosting the experience of our designs by including additional amenities. This includes outdoor seating for gathering, designated grilling areas for sharing meals, and other features that provide a sense of belonging.

Providing Peaceful Environments

Thoughtful landscaping is what brings it all together to ensure the comfort and privacy of residents. We take into consideration the layout, the natural elements already in place, and provide spaces of greenery, secluded nooks, and a sense of escape and tranquility in the heart of our planning.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the entire staff at ADI, and they have provided the best all around service that one can expect from a high-end Aquatic Consultant firm. I would highly recommend them to any developer, architect or builder wanting to install an aquatic feature at their property.”
Stephen Neville, Island Construction

Partner With Us

We love tackling new challenges and developing solutions to suit our clients. With the help of our aquatic-savvy design professionals, we’d love to take your project to new heights.