Design & Development (DD)

The Design Development phase is where our team takes the initial design concepts from the Schematic Design phase and fleshes them out in more detail. During Design & Development, our process ensures all parties are included when it comes to the collaborative nature of specifications and planning.


We work closely with various sub-consultants, including Soil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Landscape Architects, and MEP Engineers. We coordinate and frequently check in with each of these individuals to discuss and ensure everything is aligning properly as they bring our design to life.

Detailed Planning

Materials and placement are specified in this step, as we focus on specific aquatic sections and features. We also choose pool and deck materials while considering filtration and sanitation equipment. Of course, this level of detail depends on the project’s overall complexity. Then, we put these detailed plans into our client’s hands for their approval

Plan Check

For our next phase to run smoothly, we have a critical step known as a plan check. It involves sharing our progress drawings with the entire design team, including our engineers and architects. This allows all of our team to be on the right page and the building permit application process to proceed easily.

Open communication during this phase is key. This ensures our clients are aware of our progress from start to finish, and that no surprises arise during the final phases of the project.

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