Construction Administration (CA)

As an optional ‘Add Service’, construction administration is all about overseeing and collaborating with the construction process.

Contractual Agreement

Whether or not we provide the Construction Administration services will be decided when we initially sign the contract with the client. It’s flexible and outlined in the agreement.

Varied Responsibilities

During this phase, our role shifts as we wear multiple hats. We might review the pool contractor’s detailed plans, visit the job site to perform inspections, and answer any questions that come up during construction

Ensuring Precision

Our main job throughout this phase is making sure the contractors follow the plans as designed in the Construction Documents. If there are any questions or concerns or changes needed, we will work with the contractor to clarify. This may lead to change orders if the contractor requests a change in materials or techniques. Keep in mind, these changes can affect the overall cost and need approval from the client, architects, and the ADI team.

Reading the Contract

It is vital for everyone involved in the project to read through the contract carefully. It outlines what’s expected out of each phase and what deliverables the client will receive from us. If there is additional work beyond the scope of the contract, it’s called a “scope drift”, requiring an agreement for additional services.

The CA phase ensures all portions of the project go smoothly and the final product matches the original vision as closely as possible. Our goal is to achieve excellence and quality, and we believe this can be seen in every project we handle.

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