Construction Documents (CD)

Our next phase takes us from the detailed design to the nitty-gritty of finalization of the plan set.

Detailed Drawings

After the plan check and everyone is satisfied with the Design Development (DD) phase, we create an even more detailed set of CAD drawings called the Construction Documents (CDs), which is the final set of plans including written or technical specifications for every product. All CDs are reviewed and sealed by our Registered Landscape Architect (RLA) or our Structural Engineer (PE), depending on the state.

Precision for Contractors

We provide these detailed documents to allow contractors to bid on the project with a high level of accuracy. This means you’ll have a very close estimate of what the project will ultimately cost.

Ensuring Quality

These documents are used to make sure the contractor builds and installs everything exactly as we designed it. This way, we’re able to guarantee the result meets our client’s expectations.

Health Permits

Finally, ADI coordinates the health permit application process to ensure the final set of plans is approved by your local or regional health department agency. This is a time-consuming requirement for all public or semi-public pools, spas, and splash pads built in the United States. Fountains do not require health permits.

Once this phase is complete, we share the Construction Documents with contractors to provide pricing and build the project. It’s a crucial step that gives our client a clear and accurate picture of what to expect when it’s completed.

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