Our Expertise

Master Planned Communities

Intentional water spaces in the heart of planned communities to foster a sense of belonging.

Creating Community Connectivity

At ADI, we believe in creating people-centric spaces that are rooted in the enjoyment of residents and the local neighborhood. We craft environments that become focal points for relaxation, recreation, and social interaction. Together, we foster a sense of community.

Prioritizing Safety Standards

We prioritize safety by carefully considering layouts, implementing clear and effective signage, and adhering to industry-standard safety protocols. Our team focuses on providing a secure and worry-free experience for all who visit.

Infusing Joy in the Experience

What’s an aquatic space without some fun? We love incorporating elements of excitement such as splash pads, water slides, and interactive aquatic zones to appeal to all guests.

“ADI provides the highest quality in aquatic design and construction documentation. I would highly recommend Aqua Design International to anyone interested in pursuing a swimming pool, spa or any aquatic environment.”
Scot McGill, ACRM

Partner With Us

We love tackling new challenges and developing solutions to suit our clients. With the help of our aquatic-savvy design professionals, we’d love to take your project to new heights.