Our Expertise

Municipal & Competition Pools

State-of-the-art facilities for both competitive swimming pools and community recreation centers.

Our Commitment to Quality

Committing to excellence starts with adhering to competition standards and prioritizing functionality and safety. We know the importance of providing a facility that meets the rigorous requirements of competitive events while remaining efficient and accessible for users.

Designing for the Experience

When designing and deciding on pool layout, our focus goes far beyond functionality as we aim to create solutions that last and flow. Our team makes sure that spacing, seating, and other structural elements align with the overall layout of the pool.

Swim Space for All

In order to meet the needs of users, our team considers multiple options for layout. This includes the inclusion of training lanes and leisure areas for the public. Together, we make a space for competitive swimming but also a community asset enjoyed by all.

“Aqua Design has been an exceptional group to work with. They know and understand their craft, accelerate at addressing the project and problems at hand. They are team players and address the project as a whole.”
Eric Barrett, ARC Studios Inc.

Partner With Us

We love tackling new challenges and developing solutions to suit our clients. With the help of our aquatic-savvy design professionals, we’d love to take your project to new heights.