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Resort Water Features


Resort Water Features, Beyond the Pool

The pool may be the centerpiece of the resort, but it isn’t the only aquatic amenity your guests can enjoy. Water features can be entertaining (splash pads), relaxing (spas), or visually stunning (water fountains and reflecting pools). To identify the water features that would best suit your resort, consider your target demographic.

Splash Pads

If your resort caters to families with young children, splash pads can be a very popular attraction. Splash pads, also known as spray parks, involve little to no standing water. Instead, water is forced upward through ground nozzles to create refreshing sprays. Sprays can also come from playfully designed vertical features, including interactive elements for children of all ages. Since there is no standing water, splash pads have the added benefit of requiring little to no lifeguard supervision. To create a more enticing setting, install benches and coordinate to ensure adequate shade coverage around the periphery for parents.

Water Fountains

Many resorts feature elegant water fountains to create a visually stunning landscape. These may be installed anywhere from the porte cochere to the lobby, restaurants or throughout the grounds. Water fountains are endlessly customizable. Some feature intricate, classical sculptures, while others embrace a contemporary design. Some are designed to produce sound, others as quiet and unobtrusive as immutable reflecting pools.


Spas and whirlpools are often situated near the main pool of a resort. They offer a quieter retreat for adults to relax in, away from the hustle and bustle of the kids in the main pool. Spas may also be housed indoors, offering year-round access for resorts in northern climates.

Reflecting Pools

Reflecting pools are typically shallow pools not intended for swimming. The surface of the water is left undisturbed intending to inspire a relaxed, meditative mood.

Koi Ponds

Koi ponds can be suitable for nearly all climates, as the fish can be brought inside to an interior tank during the winter. Koi ponds offer delight for all ages. They can be designed like a water garden with the use of beautiful, natural stone and water-loving plants. The key to the success of Koi ponds is to maintain the oxidation reduction potential of the water at 450 mV, well below that used in swimming pools but ideal conditions for the Koi to thrive.

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